Welcome, friend!

Here at Break Through Apparel, our mission is to empower women to feel confident and beautiful wearing what they want, not what they think they're supposed to. 

We specialize in high-quality, unique and versatile fashion. Whether you're looking for some premium basics, or some pieces that will make heads turn, you've come to the right place.


Hey, I'm Abby!

A bit about me: 

I love puzzles, rewatching the same sitcoms over and over again, sushi, all inclusive tropical vacations, my 2 cats and my husband Dan. *Those are in no particular order...* I'm an auntie to 5 amazing kiddos, 2 of my best friends are my sisters, and I live in the cutest village called Chippawa in Niagara Falls. God has truly blessed me, and now I get to start this wild adventure of being a business owner!

A bit about why I started BTA:

For most of my life, my closet was the definition of “basic”. For some people, that’s exactly what they want and they love it, but I never felt like my clothing suited my personality. I used to get made fun of for being “basic”, but I would still get made fun of if I ever dressed in something bright or unique. It felt like a lose-lose situation. I still remember shopping (not that long ago) for my upcoming vacation. I picked up a bright yellow shorts and top set that was adorable. It had ruffles and tropical flowers and maybe you had to see it to agree with me… but I swear it was cute. I almost tried it on, but suddenly thought “What am I thinking? There’s no way I could pull this off. People will laugh at me.” and quickly set it down. HOW SAD. I’m still annoyed with myself for ever thinking like that.

That is why I wanted to start this online boutique. Partly for myself, to gain the confidence to wear what I want, whether it be something basic or something bold. But mainly to encourage other women to do the same. My goal is to provide unique pieces that can be worn time and time again, while making you feel confident and beautiful.


I can't wait to grow myself along my business, and hopefully create lots of beautiful friendships along the way.

XOX - Abby